Residential Multi-Family

NOC partners and employees bring decades of diverse construction experience which would benefit any project.

NOC is the builder of choice for clients who recognize and appreciate impeccable references, effective management systems and controls, experienced and dedicated staff, and a solid record of quality, on-time, within-budget performance. Our enviable track record of success is a result of meticulous project planning and strict adherence to proven management methodology.

Churchill Townhouse, Vancouver (Completed)

Dansey, Coquitlam, Residential Mid Rise (Under Construction)

Revive Townhouse Phase 1, Vancouver (Under Construction)

Revive Townhouse Phase 2, Vancouver (Under Construction)

West 31 & Cambie, Vancouver, Townhouse (Pre-Construction)

West 28 & Heather, Vancouver, Townhouse (Pre-Construction)

West 23 & Yukon, Vancouver, Townhouse (Pre-Construction)

No. 3 Road, Richmond, Mixed-use Mid Rise (Pre-Construction)

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